Adrienn & Hubert | Kiosk

Adrienn: ˝We organised a four-day-long so called experience house at Christmas, we tried to offer exciting programs for those people who have to spend the holidays among modest circumstances; we invited people from homeless shelters and families from the temporary home for families. Some people supported us by giving us a bus to take these families from Diósd and Érd. We made full breakfast for them every day, there were different games, competitions for children; hairdresser’s, charity mall, shows for children, warm lunch. We could host 300-400 people in these four days.”
“How did you start dealing with this kind of thing?”
“I’ve been volunteering for 2 years, I worked for different non-profit organisations; and we soon realised with my friends that we have a very good network around us due to our jobs. We invented Food Angels Hungary with a complete conception so we were soon taken seriously. While I was trying to act, raise funds, organise things alone, I bumped into walls, nobody cared about it. But being organised brought us results. We and other non-profit organisations organise this “low cost” plaza at homeless and family shelters several times during the year. This four-day-long Christmas event grew from those, we managed to get donations from several sources. Everybody could choose what they really needed. Kiosk took on the task of cooking on one day and Hubert is the founder of our organisation, by the way.”
“What are your further aims?”
“Now, I do it besides my full-time job, but it works and fortunately, fits in my schedule. We are thinking in structures, we want to start three main directions in 2016, first is saving food, which is in its infancy in Hungary, and there is the Élmény Angyal (Adventure Angel) branch, which is to encourage more and more companies to take part in supporting families in different ways as part of their social responsibility projects. They can support the studies of the children, their camping or provide the daily necessities for them.”

04. January 2016.