Ágnes | Móricz Zsigmond round

„I moved back to Budapest three months ago, I lived in Luxembourg for more than a year.”
“What experience did you have when you came back?”
“The two places are entirely different, Luxembourg is very closed, there are hardly any tourists, small city but of course beautiful as a jewellery box. I was homesick there, by the way. When I came home and I crossed the Danube for the first time by the tram 47, I was shocked literally how big this city is and how busy. What is very interesting and maybe surprising is that people dress more diverse. There similar taste is very typical and of course you can know where they bought their clothes.”
“Were you also disappointed when you came back?”
“It was aggravating to see how many poor people are here and it was shocking afterwards that as time passed by I “got used” to it, that many people are in this situation, although it is not good, not normal.”
“Which memory do you think of most often among the ones you had abroad?”
“In the French course, every student was from a different country, I met a Chinese girl, who could speak Hungarian very well, because she lived here before. It was almost unbelievable; I am talking with a Chinese girl in Hungarian in a French speaking country.”

29. October 2014.