Agnes | Nyugati square

„Peace is the most important thing for me, I want it for myself and for others. I got divorced from my husband twice, it means I married him twice, but this is a long story. Actually, he left me for another woman, but then we lived together, life connected us again. I have two sons and two daughters, they have their own troubles, they cannot help, and two of them are in England right now. I write poems, also, especially for children, in the last few days I have been thinking about sending some of them to magazines, but they can pay only a little… and my poems are dog-eared, they should be re-written.”
“Do you have a favourite poet, poem or even two lines?”
“I picked Attila József as a topic at exams several times… but I am lagging behind in this, I feel at times that I took the wrong path. I do not know if I could get a doctorate at this age… But as I usually say: Do not envy others cleverness if you do not want to be wrong.”

18. February 2015.