Alex and Áron | Budapest Barber Shop

Áron: “Our aim was to start a real, original Barber Shop that does not exist in this city yet. This is a family tradition, everybody is a hairdresser in the family, I learnt everything from my father, too, then I worked there in Australia for a long time, in those Barber Shops.”
“What makes your shop really unique?”
Alex: “On the one hand, that our perception is that everybody should leave this place really cheerful and satisfied, according to the traditions of barber shops, we only serve men, we are specialized in them in all respects. And on the other hand, we work with especially good quality stuff.”
“I guess opening the shop needed a lot of preparation, there is some special equipment...”
Áron: “A few months. Actually we had to wait a lot for the chairs, they came from America. You cannot see such chairs anywhere else in the city. We were sure that we wanted to open our shop here in the 7th district, it is busy, there are a lot of foreigners, and we can show ourselves and our knowledge.”
“Which age group visits you most often?”
“Mostly men who re at our age, who are still open-minded and they like this style, that they meet such a new thing in the city. Of course, there are older ones. One day a Canadian guy came in, and although he must have seen many places like this in North-America obviously, he said that this is the most beautiful, highest standard place he had ever had the luck to see.”

24. July 2014.