Árpád | Szoboszlai street

„I lived with another man in a parcel of the local municipality in Békásmegyer for almost thirty years. He in one end and me in the other. Three years ago, the people who lived around us, practically incited him against me, and one day he came with a stick that I could stay for one more day then I have to leave.”
“And wasn’t it legally problematic or did nobody stand up for you?”
“Well, actually, I did not have too much right to stay there, so I thought it was better to leave.”
“What are your plans, how do you try to change your situation?”
“Unfortunately, my eyes are quite bad. Even the plain daylight disturbs me very much, and as I do not go to a shelter because I think it is unfortunate, I have had some bad experience, so it is difficult to step forward. I have been studying on my own for thirty years, transcendental studies, psychology, parapsychology and ancient history, Hindu history that interest me the most. The Bhagavad-Gita is what I love to read the most. Once one of my friends gave me a book, about an English psychiatrist doctor who wanted to go to Tibet, and then somehow he managed and what was done to him in Lhasa... amazing. He learnt a lot there and I was really interested in it, I want to write a book which will contain all my thought collected. The title would be: Cosmic slaves.”

02. February 2015.