Bence | Rákóczi road

˝My step father is also a punk guy with a Mohawk, unfortunately; so probably that’s why I get to like this style, and of course, because he and my mother let me to choose my own way and do the things I liked. I liked the music too, and I have friends who are punks, so it was meant to happen. My mother is also a punk, she just does not dress this way.”
“How much do people stare at you on the streets, for example in Budapest?”
“In fact, very often, I guess at around every corner. Some even say “Northern crested newt”, and of course only as a joke, but I have already had some trouble because of it. And this is not even age-related, by the way.”
“What do you like to do the most?”
“I like to travel very much. In the summer we went for a two-week-long tour with the guys, which was quite exciting…”
“And which was your coolest journey?”
“Well, once I should have come back from Vienna to Budapest, but there were two trains parallel and I got on the one which was going to Salzburg, which is the opposite direction. I was trying to hide on the train not to be fined and then I fell asleep in the toilet, and in the end I was caught by the inspectors on the way home, which was a pretty great story.”

21. January 2015.