Danny and Alice | Vágóhíd

˝A: We started playing music at the age of 13, mostly because we liked to listen to music and we wanted to play those songs. We met as Danny had seen me on the street many times and he came up to me. And once we were sitting in the underpass and we panicked that we would end up in such a place if the situation wouldn´t change. I had my phone then already, we looked up the contacts to István Beke and we simply wrote to him. We had some crappy records from earlier that we made with the previous line-up. We sent him those and so it happened that he helped us. He is quite famous we had known that he is helpful.”
“Did you play music only on the streets until then?”
“Yes. But I get sick from the streets already, I’ve been doing it for the longest time, I think it doesn’t matter for Danny, he still feels the magic of it. At the beginning even troubles have the magic but later as you get into more and more problematic situations out there, you start to realise that it’s better to avoid them because as a best outcome you could break your arm. Now I should say that it doesn’t matter how big stage we will play on we will always return to the street but the hell… The ones who are too weak to break out from the dirt can stay there. When your hands are frozen to pieces in the terrible cold in winter on the streets, when people spit in your guitar case, when your own mother looks down on you and says that you worth nothing or when the biology teacher humiliates you in front of the whole class by calling you a talentless nobody and you don’t give up and not because you think about those who became great rock stars but because Kerri Strug comes to your mind for example, she did the jump even when her leg was torn into pieces. Those people influence us the most who never give up, who endure more than most people, just to do what they really want instead of doing what is expected from them. That’s why Kerri Strug came to my mind she is an American gymnast. She broke herself into splinters a thousand times and she was told that she would never be able to do gymnastics again but she got to her feet and managed to get to the olympics games. Her leg got wounded before the last jump and she still did it and she became an olympic champion. When somebody wants something so much and it doesn’t matter if it’s music or not, it is really empowering, these people are real heroes, and more! They are more than humans in my eyes. And we do this whole thing mainly because of these people.”

18. August 2016.