Gábor | Clark Ádám square

„Do you still study?”
“Yes, not far from here, in a school of economics, besides this I really like taking photos and I do it actively.”
“What engages you more?”
“Maybe taking photos, I would like to deal with it more seriously. Recently I have been interested in “street photo”. I come here, to the city very often; this is my favourite terrain, little streets where people run up on the castle hill or similar things. I take pictures of faces too but without any comments. I have been doing it mostly for myself yet, I have not published them anywhere.”
“Which is the moment that you would highlight, that was really memorable for you?”
“I was in Kazincbarcika in a camp, there was a photography workshop also and our task was to introduce the city in two series of pictures with different attitudes. One guy was taking a photo of an elderly lady, when behind him, another elderly lady came out of the door, she may have been at least a hundred years old, and she had to hold the rail. I started taking pictures of what he was taking pictures of but I composed the lady behind into the picture. It was exciting because she did not pay attention to me, she did not know that I was taking photos of her and I think the pictures are good. Afterwards I told her that she is in the pictures, of course.”

21. October 2014.