György | Frankel Leó street

“I’ve had several jobs, but I’ve been living on the streets for 8-9 years, unfortunately. Not on the streets, precisely, I live in a homeless shelter as I want to remain human. But there for 3 years for example that I spent on the island. That was though. The winters, the cold, the sleeping on the ground, the searching. I’ve been a caretaker, gardener, delivery man, I worked in Margit Hospital, and though my former boss tried to keep me there, I became the victim of downsizing. ‘Do you want to send away my best people?’ - he had asked from his boss, but in vain, I was sent away. Now I’m getting close to retirement age so the situation will be much better. I will live quite well from those 70 thousand forints. The accommodation is 11 thousand and I can easily live from the rest. I have only one dream, I would like to have a little house in the countryside with my 8-year-younger brother. It would be great to grow a lot of things for ourselves, to potter about in the garden, sit outside staring at the view. We would enjoy ourselves in the time that’s left for us.”

25. July 2016.