Ildi | Castro

„I thought I would spend a few weeks in Budapest but a bit more than one and a half year later I am still here. I was born and raised in Australia but I have been coming “home” for short holidays since I was four. I don’t know why I am so tied to Budapest, but somehow I got stuck here last year. I really feel myself at home. A few months ago I thought that I would move to a different European country but a few weeks later I was taken to hospital. My partner came to the emergency room at once and on that afternoon, lying on the hospital bed, I decided that I do not want to get in such a situation in a totally unknown country where I don’t know anybody and can’t even speak the language. I decided on that day that I want to stay and build my life in Budapest. A few days later I bought an eight-week-old dachshund, who is called Zac Monster, I’m looking for a flat and I’m planning to have my own clothes brand. When I was younger, it was always travelling and adventure that mattered but now I mostly dream about the new furniture in my flat. It’s funny how things change.˝

17. July 2015.