Judith | Hermina road

“I have no idea what it is like to see, it is natural for me that I’m blind. I was born and raised in a loving family like this. I had my elementary education in the Elementary School for the Blind, and I like to think back to those years. My teachers and my parents gave me the love of music and sport. My terms spent on ELTE-Bárczi Gusztáv College for Special Education meant another defining stage in my life, I felt that the world had opened for me. I learn to live in the spirit of openness, mutual trust and acceptance. I don’t block the bad things but I let good things in. I’ve worked for the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially  Sighted since 2006 and I inform visually impaired people about conferences and events that concern them. I do my activities and write my articles with the help of a screen reading application installed on my computer. I have to say that smartphones, talking devices and screen readers are essential nowadays and it is more so in the world of visually impaired people. I unwind by active programs: I read, do sports, I go to concerts and the theatre, I cook and bake so I do what everybody else does: I become part of the values that were created by others, I fill my life with content. I fight for my rattle ball team with tooth and nail at the pitch and I try to entertain others when I play the flute, I try to enhance them without word by being myself. I often jump on a bike, or put on running or trekking shoes to overcome the kilometers to test the limits of my performance with the help of my seeing helpers. I try to examine my surroundings with open eyes and open ears, the only difference is that I cannot see so I have to organise my days accordingly. I do not sit among the four walls, my friends and strangers help me get through the obstacles. Nothing else is needed but a little attention. Isn’t it easy?”

06. January 2017.