Kristina | Games Anno

˝Originally, I graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Technical University, and I studied pedagogy and folk are either. One of my first jobs was toy development. Probably it does not matter what product someone develops, but they should like what they do, that is essential. And for me it was dealing with toys. I did not design kitchen machines but toys. And of course, it is very important for the product development, to learn about the performance of the world so far to be able to find out something new, something different. And I realised that the object that once were created well we do not have to surpass or change significantly, at most we can just adapt it to the requirements and needs of the present age.” “What makes a toy really good?” “What? Mostly that is has a function and if it can engage the child for a long time and they can learn from it if it has a developing nature. And if it prepares them for their future life, their adult life somehow. For example, the porcelain doll. It prepares the children that the baby is fragile, you have to be careful with it.” “How long have toys been made? I mean what is the particular date of man starting making toys?” ˝Already in Mesopotamia they were present for sure, logical or board games. But the yo-yo first appeared in Greece, for example.” “Surely, you also collect toys, not just manage the shop…” “Yes, I do. The oldest is from the 19th century and I have more or less 2500-3000 different types of toys in my collection.”


05. February 2015.