Mariann, Sándor és Rambo | Ugocsa STREET

˝It has been almost a week now that we started collecting signatures from people in order to get a little flat from the local government. Not long ago a journalist woman came to us, she had seen us several times in this neighbourhood, and she said she wanted to help and she made arrangements for us, that’s how we started. We hope it will have a result.”
“How many signatures have you collected?”
“347 to date and all of it in six days, so we’re very grateful. We would have a job, for example I worked in a kitchen for 24 years and I could start work again, Sándor is a stove maker, he could be employed too. Many people helped us recently, some bring us warm food regularly, we are let in one house’s staircase, so we are not habitual residents on the streets.”
“So you are not troubled by official people during the day?”
“Oh, we are! The local authorities came here and sent us away that we cannot sit here and we have to leave the area. Although, if somebody sits in the park with a can of beer, nobody talks to them. We do not sleep here, outside, so we do not really understand this thing. But today nothing can really alter our good mood, because we are celebrating our birthdays together, my partner has it today exactly, and one of the ladies from a house nearby will even bake a cake for the two of us.”
“How did Rambo get to you?”
“He was quite small; he could almost fit in my palm when we took him out of a trash can five years ago. He is a very good watchdog, we really like him. I would like to eat constantly, and it is understandable due to his size.”

19. January 2015.