Mónika - Syama-Mohita | Deák Ferenc square

„I had arrived to a decision that I wanted to get in touch with God at the age of 26; and I also became interested in healing. Almost all illnesses have a spiritual origin and the spirit is connected to God, and I realised that I had not had any contact with God. Then I started to get to know religions, I visited some churches and of course, by then I had already met believers of Krishna on the streets. One monk boy once stopped me, we talked and he advised me to say the word Gouranga often, and I would see that it has a great effect on me. And once, while walking the dog, I shouted it into the air, and I had such a wonderful feeling like never before. Next time we met, I was the one, who went to him, and later I went with him to a program and this whole thing carried me away; its seriousness, its purity.”
“Do you live in the Krishna valley or here in Budapest?”
“I live in Pest, I have three children and besides collecting donations, I have an everyday job, that is also connected to cleanliness; we give advice to companies about hygiene.”
“Is your partner also a Krishna believer?”
“I am a single parent now. My partner was interested in the religion for a long time, but other energies diverted him in another direction; he was the one who left at the end. He could not stick to these things. When I started to be interested in these things, I followed my own instincts. My spiritual teacher guided me, of course, and tried to direct me to what he felt and saw for me – he is an experienced and he can see much further – but it took years for me to also feel and accept what my road is and what I have to deal with and how I can get back to the spiritual world. I always use my free energies to help others.”
“How open are the people?”
“I do not really force them to give donations, I am satisfied if the accept a sticker from me. The mantras on them – our Sacred Books say so – that if you say them at least once, it is a great step towards God.”

21. February 2015.