Paolo | Nagymező street - Pizzica

„I have wanted to do something own, a place with live music, a bar, but then it happened that my younger brother also said that he wanted to open a place and he would come to Hungary too to make it come true together. And then we thought that it should be something original, a really unique thing that you cannot find here. This pizza place is a real Italian enterprise; my brother and my mother moved here just because of this. The ingredients come from Italy every week, the flour, the cheese, the fish, everything that we use to make pizza. This kind of pizza, the Lazio pizza, has a bit thicker pastry, it is made in a pan and we cut it with scissors.”
“When did you come to Hungary?”
“It has been ten years already. I won a scholarship when I was 19, that time I studied in many countries, Brazil, Portugal, also England, and I graduated in Italy. After that I won another scholarship to England, but I did not want to go back there, and then I got an opportunity to come here to Hungary and Budapest was my choice.”
“What was your first memorable experience after you arrived?”
“I work as a DJ sometimes; I played in Italy and before that in London also. Here, I started to look for places at once. Places where they play the type of music that I like, New Wave and Dark, I used to like Dark much more then. On the second day, after my arrival I got into a great party, people were very nice and friendly and in a week I played at a place myself.”

01. December 2014.