Vince | Salkaházi Sára wharf

„I have been planning to do something that is only mine, that I take responsibility for that has grown from my very own idea for a long time. I´ve worked for television for three years. We always had to solve the problems in a team there and working in a team is great of course, but now- it seems – that it´s time for an individual project. I was walking in the downtown one afternoon; I saw a street musician who I really wanted to talk to, but I didn´t go up to him then, I don´t know why. Then it happened that I met him on the street one or two days later, nothing is by accident and then I spoke to him first in English as I thought he was a foreigner. He said „I´m Józsi from the 8th (district)”. When we did the interview, the concept of my blog was taking shape in my head: the person who I´m interviewing will decide who the next one will be. The only criterion: it should be a musician.” „How open are they?” „Very much! They say it´s an honour to be asked and they are glad and they share it, they support me in every possible way. It makes it exciting that I don´t know who the next person will be, which direction the blog will go and which music style will come to the front.” “Do you always get the contact or do you have to search for the interviewees?” “I´ve always got the contacts except in one case so it´s pretty easy for me. I´d like to organize round-table discussions where musicians get together and talk about the profession, each other´s work, musical life, etc.” “It all comes from your previous activity...” “Yes, it does. I could learn from the best professionals fortunately, and I could make an interview with such people as István Szabó, Tim Ries the saxophone player of Rolling Stones, or the recently deceased Vilmos Zsigmond. I´ve experienced a lot of things; my first interviewee was drunk so the material could not be aired.” “How do you relax?” “I go to swim. The atmosphere of the swimming pool and that world calm me down thoroughly.”

14. January 2016.